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Our Midas Touch |
Posted By: Mira

Our Services

  • * Bridal Room Deco

  • * Mini Dias/Pelamin

  • * Wedding Gifts – “Gubahan Hantaran”

  • * Customized Bunga Pahar

  • *  Scented Pillows/Potpourri/Bunga Rampai

  • * Sireh Junjung/Sireh Dara

  • * Wedding Cards – Kad Jemputan

 Our Midas Touch takes pride in our work as each of our creation needs delicate and exquisite touches, creativity and also hard work. What’s more important is that we provide the freedom for individuals to express themselves by contributing ideas on how they would like their items or ‘gubahan hantaran’ to look like and we will do our part in providing constructive ideas and advices. Anyone of you who wish to have your own personal touches for your big day and wants to be part of your very own blissful wedding, feel free to contact us to assist you in making your wedding a memorable once in a life time event. For more information and assistance, please feel free to either email us at or contact Mira at H/p:81131702

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