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"I lay there almost lifeless, staring at the empty ceiling. Red lights peeking through the translucent grey curtains. It's almost dawn. Yet another sleepless night for me. I toss and turn, trying to fit into a snuggle that would eventually -hopefully- comfort me to sleep just before sunrise. Sadly, it was a futile attempt.

My mind is in a complete whirwind. What should I do? My big event is coming soon and I still have not found the perfect caterer! My friends weren't kidding when they said that the biggest worry for a wedding is to find the perfect caterer. How on earth will I be able to find the perfect one in such a short notice? And not to mention at an affordable price? Am I being too picky with the menu? Am I being too conscious on how I spend my money? Oh why is it so hard to find the ideal caterer?"


Limited choices in the menu, prices slightly too steep and unreasonable, hidden costs in almost everything, food quality is not up to standard etc.. Tell me about it.

Having a hard time searching for the ideal caterer for your big event? Well, look no further because you've come to the right place! As the name depicts, Aidilistique, is nothing short of ideal. We are the idealistic event food catering service you can ever ask for. We provide good quality food and excellent service; Customer's satisfaction guaranteed.

Equipped with more than a decade of catering experience, rest assured that your event will be a successful one. Insya'Allah.

Aidilistique caters to variety of events namely :-

  • Baby shower
  • Corporate function
  • High tea
  • Engagement
  • Religous function
  • Party
  • Wedding


So what are you waiting for? Send us an email or visit our blog/facebook, and ask us for quotation now!

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